The Merchants of Doom

Satan operates in a handful of ways. One of his tools is distracting people from the truth. Another is disheartening people from pursuing the truth. A third is sapping the joy out of life.

Liberalism is political Satanism. We can see this most obviously in the way that the Obama justice department has treated Trey Gowdy. However, what is not so obvious is that the collateral effect that liberalism has upon the opposition, most specifically conservative sites.

First, these sites are brash and bold warriors for truth. Then after a time, they give up fearlessly pursuing the truth and fall to commentating upon events with a non-PC outlook. Lastly, they become bitter and apathetic, churning out text that proclaims nihilism and hopelessness. They have lost hope and have come under the sway of the enemy.

For this, see also Trey Gowdy and the Conservative Treehouse, here. If the cause is hopeless, then why bother to write or read about it? The history of America is not one of hopelessness, but rather of beating the odds, of doing what others said couldn’t be done. Could 13 small colonies fend off the British? Impossible. Could a young country possibly do better than established Europe? Impossible. Would America hold together and truly become a melting pot? Impossible. The list goes on, and so it is with surprise that I find people who know the truth and fight for it to have so little hope.

If you really believe the situation is hopeless, and that evil men like John Boehner hold all the cards, and that there’s nothing that we or Trey can do, then stop writing. Fold up shop and go do something useful, but don’t waste time complaining about getting dirty if all you’re going to do is lie in the mud.

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