The Tantrum-throwers’ Veto

In Alabma, state representative Patricia Todd threw a tantrum on Facebook (hat tip: Truth Revolt) because other members of the Alabama legislature dared to praise a popular law. The law? One that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Todd’s actions demonstrate the tantrum-throwers’ veto. Apparently, she and many other homosexuals are so delicate that if anyone speaks against homosexuality, they are grievously hurt. To stop hurting her, all must stop speaking against homosexuality. What this does is forbid other people from speaking — i.e. censorship. Those who do speak are then slandered and threatened, in epic fits.

Now most people desire to avoid controversy and will walk on eggshells if they must, to keep others happy. However, if the price of others’ happiness is giving up your freedom of speech and arguably, your vote and your beliefs, what is being asked is not mercy or kindness. Parents know well what happens when you fail to discipline children; they simply keep throwing tantrums until they get their way, and they use the threat of a tantrum to cow parents.

We must stop using kindness to treat this behavior; instead, we must use justice. Caving to the threat of a tantrum is a sop to tyranny. The beauty of free speech is that one does not have to agree with any particular expression to respect the value of free speech. I do not wish to censor Todd, but in fact the opposite. The more she speaks, the more she reveals the injustice and bigotry she harbors. That she wishes to censor others, and to blackmail them for speaking and voting a way she does not like is yet more evidence that homosexuality is a grave moral disorder. Apparently it breeds tiny terrorists or despots.

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