Insecurity, Fearfulness, and Immaturity

I think the fundamental characteristic of the liberal is insecurity, followed closely by fearfulness and then immaturity. The liberal is basically insecure, and so that is why he has such antipathy towards entire groups of people — minorities, Republicans, anyone not in a large city, Americans, Christians, and so forth. He spends his time continually attacking strawmen, because he does not have the ability or courage to participate in honest debate. So the liberal isolates himself from the arena, and spends his time jabbing pins into cartoon replicas of his enemies, hoping to hurt them, so that he can feel better about himself.

This is why having a political discussion with a liberal is often so bizarre; you know your positions and you know why you hold them, and when you converse with a liberal, he or she believes, despite all evidence, that your positions and motives are their direct opposite. The only way the liberal can construct such a position is through a willful isolation from reality, because of a fear of reality. It is one thing to disagree that an action has a particular effect; it is still another thing to suspect motives; however, liberals do not know what their enemies believe or why. This is a fatal mistake, tactically, but when you are fearful and insecure, your primary motivation is survival, not victory.

Part of insecurity is the endless and voracious desire to feel good, and so the liberal prides himself on snark and witty put-downs. He does not wish well to his enemies, and he does not care if they ever learn what he holds to be true; liberalism is a non-transcendent religion. All the liberal cares about is looking good in the eyes of his fellows, and so he congratulates himself and his peers whenever he gets the chance. Liberal groups then become either grim revolutionary outfits or mutual admiration societies; the only difference is when utopia is achieved. For the former, utopia will be achieved when the enemies’ bodies are piled up (see Khymer Rogue). For the latter, utopia is now because they are all in the good fight together and they feed off each others’ mindless praise for one another. However, everyone in a liberal group is fragile, and any introduction of the reality virus causes the entire train to go off the tracks, and quickly.

Immaturity is the third leg of the liberal stool. Liberalism is a philosophy of the now, of mercy run amuck, of unbounded emotion uber alles. Immaturity manifests itself in the childish understanding that liberals have of the world (again, because they have isolated themselves from it). For instance, liberals do not understand insurance. The insurance companies must make a profit, and they make a profit by offering policies that stand a low chance of paying out, and if they do pay out, the hit to the company’s income and/or reserves is small. Liberals think that you buy a policy and it should have no financial limitations and should keep paying forever.

Likewise, liberals do not understand pensions. They think that the state should pay a pension forever and ever, amen; they do not understand that a pension requires a pension fund, which must be funded somehow or another. If the pension fund runs dry, or the company or municipality goes under, goodbye pension.

Lastly, liberals do not understand the nature of government. Government can only afford to offer jobs when the economy permits government to have enough income; the government’s income is directly related to the wellbeing of the nation, for the only way government gets money is to take it from productive citizens. At some point, the size of the government starts to choke the economy of the nation by attempting to control every aspect of it; that this is counterproductive is obvious. That the economy prospered in part due to the absence of regulations and government interference is obvious; liberals believe that an economy continues to prosper regardless of the number and severity of regulations affecting it.

These examples demonstrate that liberals simply do not understand how human institutions work because they do not understand humanity. They are immature, due in some small part to their lack of exposure to other people, to business, to working in the government, to agriculture, to history, to truly foreign cultures — to life in general.

I now have reached a point where it is futile to engage in discussions with liberals, because their foundations are so messed up. If you are talking with someone who disputes the value of life, or whom does not inhabit the same shared reality, then the conversation is basically like talking to a schizophrenic, or to a cult member — it is either gobbledygook or an exercise in futility; the cult member uses the same words you do, but assigns them wholly different meanings and is ignorant of the world outside the cult compound.

The answer to liberals’ fear, immaturity, and insecurity is a crash-course in reality. I think Israel and South Korea have done it as best as it can be done, by making military service a requirement of citizenship. Clearly, something shocking and severe must be done. Conversation alone I do not think will suffice.

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