Thinking Only as an Afterthought

Steve Scalise is no racist.

What bothers me more, though, is how quick conservatives rush to throw Republicans under the bus, before all the facts are in. Scalise has a 76% score from Heritage — so, he’s a guy that votes with us 3/4ths of the time — that’s fairly conservative. That should give folks a pause about media reports. Traditionally speaking, have Republicans been racists? Would the party responsible for ending slavery, passing the Civil Rights laws, and standing up for blacks voting through Reconstruction be racist? It’s doubtful.

So why is there a rush to think only as an afterthought? I don’t care about the news media cycle; I don’t care about mistakes; all these things are excuses, especially when you’ve been doing this long enough. Why aren’t conservatives more careful, more willing to believe someone innocent until proven guilty, and less willing to believe what our enemies, the media, say about those in our party? Aren’t conservatives defined by common sense and healthy skepticism of liars? Jen provides some insight.

Still I’m sick of Eric Erickson NOT doing his homework. I even signed up for Red State just to inform him of his sloppy journalism. And yes, this is much higher profile, and much more obnoxious than anything Charles Johnson has done, at least in my book. You may not agree with Johnson’s take-no-prisoners approach to journalism, but I can’t fault him for his accuracy; when he gets it wrong, he apologizes. Will Eric and the other Red Staters who have piled on Scalise ever own up to this mistake and seek to research in the future BEFORE typing?

This is not an oops; this is a violation of fundamental principles.

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