The Stalinist Neurosis of Higher Education

The University of Iowa’s antics over an anti-racist statue demonstrate what always happens when the left holds power long enough: it degenerates into deranged tyranny. Political correctness is more oppressive than any other man-made cult, but this is not its final form — see its fruit as it becomes nothing but a cult of personality. Note first the obeisance to democratic centralism.

Democratic centralism was a concept exposed by Herbert A. Philbrick in the book I Led 3 Lives, in which he infiltrated the Communist Party, USA, to show how it worked from within. In a meeting, everyone is free to speak, but when the leader issues his opinion, everyone must conform. This makes the “democratic” part of the phrase a sham, with the “centralist” part conveying the real force, like a rifle butt to the stomach. Once the UI president took action, everyone else fell over themselves to say the very opposite of what they had done and to erase its existence. Web pages were scrubbed, and information disappeared, just as if it had been sent down the “memory hole” of Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984.

Note also the self-incrimination and the forced apologies, all made under the threat of some unspecified punishment — the very thing Stalin demanded of people lest they face a show trial. Does no-one have principles in academia? The answer is yes, but there are only so many janitors. I jest, but the reality is that the principles are whatever the centralizing leader says they are. In academe, there is no room for independent thinking; there is no room for divergent views; there is no room for disagreement; all must conform to today’s edict, and if that means you must play the fool to atone for the unwanted attention you have brought the tribe, then that is what you do, or be kicked out of the tribe.

The simpering academic administrats demonstrate that that they are moral voids, a legion of toadies, a platoon of yes-men, an army of idiots. They live in a bubble, funded by the taxpayer dime, and surround themselves with undergrads that they can instruct in various ways, as their perversions guide them.

College has exchanged education for indoctrination some time ago and at last, it has become the home of Stalinist neurosis. Let the show trials continue, until every enemy of the tribe has done sufficient penance; the purge will remove anyone who has not debased himself enough upon the altar of University.

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