Live and Let Live?

In this video a man calls up 13 bakeries run by homosexuals and asks them to bake a cake stating something contrary to their beliefs. They all refused. What has happened when the roles are reversed? No matter how much the Christians cower, when they refuse, they are sued and then forced by a court to violate their consciences.

If only certain people can be forced by law to violate their consciences, then how is the law equitable? How is it just? Should not everyone be forced to violate their own consciences? Better yet, the law should not force anyone to do anything morally wrong. Why can’t we have mutual agreement and respect upon the limits of law?

It is because homosexuals demonstrate that they do not care anything about the moral convictions of others. They do not want to live and let live. If there is anything that I wish everyone would understand, it is that the homosexual movement runs a scorched earth campaign. It cares only about the supposed rights of its members; it does not follow the Constitution; it cares nothing for state law; it respects no-one; it is both a bad neighbor and an insatiable foe. It too is a totalitarian movement that puts its “rights” above every law and every moral principle.

This issue reveals how the state will use its power in all matters of conscience. Homosexuals are just more cannon fodder to allow the state to accrete control, and this process will not stop with cakes or weddings; Obamacare proves that it has even greater restrictions on religious liberty in mind. Like Naziism, eventually, the state comes for us all. The only way to escape it is to starve it or raze it.

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