Secession: A Case of Wuthering Heights Syndrome

In Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte plumbs the depths of a sick, tortured, possessive, soul-eating sort of romance between Heathcliffe and Catherine; it is one of the few books I could not complete because of the sheer disgust that the above-named emotion provoked. Although Heathcliffe does not love Catherine, he is obsessed with her to the point of never being able to surrender his interest; he most embodies hate. Bono said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” If the North so despises the South as this screed indicates, then why can’t the North let go? Why must they trouble themselves in the affairs of people they despise? They suffer from Wuthering Heights Syndrome on a regional level.

When people have been hurt, rather than letting go, and healing, sometimes they hold on to a relationship even though it hurts them, because they derive some kind of sick energy from self-abuse and abusing the object of their affection. As the North withers economically and politically, they cannot bear that the evil South is starting to outpace them. It is no accident that liberal urban rulers of the DNC wish to flood the South and the West with illegal aliens; the goal is to turn the South Democrat through treason. Party uber alles is the Democrat way. It would be easier to discard the South and let that whole section of the country die on its own, if the North was really so sure of themselves. But deep down, they suspect that they could not exist without the South (perhaps the loss of Coca-Cola and Pepsi would be too much), and so then, the goal must be to destroy the South again. Apparently the War Between the States did not wreck enough damage; but illegals will rot the South culturally and spiritually and that always leads to physical spoilation sooner or later. Of course, this will hurt the country as a whole, but does the North care? No. It will hurt them too, but do they care? No. They are caught in a binary cycle of abuse and being abused, an emotional torment, the kind that wounds a lover as she is drowning, only to shoot themselves realizing what they have done.

The solution is to free the North from its horrid emotional state. Secession would be too easy a thing. Instead, we should evangelize them, preferably by sending in battallion after batallion of Southern Baptists. Between holy fervor and Southern belle charm, the North stands no chance. Come on fellow Jesuslanders. Let’s get busy!

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