The Press Knows Best

Three grand juries recently returned acquittals (Wilson, Garner to name two), and the liberal press was having none of it. In each instance, they declared that not only were the grand juries incorrect, but that something was wrong with justice, because it did not produce the results they desired. In other words, the liberal press knows best.

Obviously we cannot allow justice to be handled by the common folk. Obviously they are STUPID. Obviously, only the cultured, the enlightened, the educated (read: liberals) can be trusted with such delicate things. So once again the call goes out that you are stupid, incompetent, and feckless, because you are not liberal; once again, the destructive and mindless calls go out to take freedoms away from the common man, if not to dispose of the judiciary completely. Never has it been so apparent the elitism of liberals, and never have their totalitarian aims been so open.

This hullabaloo is just another example of the liberal press’s death cry. Instead of seeking to survive, they double down upon failed ideology and hate, and give out an acidic purgation just before they are washed away by the waters of change; they mean to throw one last tantrum before death. I am glad that they are showing themselves as they truly are and have tossed aside their camouflage. When your enemy is being honest, and has heretofore been dishonest, it means he is desperate — just like the pro-choice crowd now declares itself unapologetically pro-abortion. Honesty will not save you now, for we knew what you were selling all along. I will be waving goodbye as you vanish beneath the waves, and cry not a tear.

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