Occupy This: A Retrospective

I was thinking about the late great Occupy movement today, and it struck me how whiny the whole concept was. So the 1% has more money than you and things you don’t have. How does that make your life suck? It doesn’t necessarily. However, if you are a whiny and envious person who expects life on a silver platter, and then you find out that the world doesn’t work like that, then it’s time to protest, complain, and throw one giant tantrum. Like a headache, it is so obvious to me now, that Occupy was nothing but the petulant “I WANT WANT WANT WANT it MOMMY” cry of helicopter children who are just now finding out that life is hard. When tantrums don’t get them what they want, then it’s time to break things, which is why that crowd eventually tried to blow up bridges. In real life, you get nothing unless you work for it. You don’t get gold stars for existence. You don’t deserve anything but the same thing all humanity deserves — death. So whine on, petulant little children, whine on.

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