Analyzing the Logic of Benedict Cumberbach

I usually find it humorous when actors are interviewed. These are people who are paid to pretend, and who can deliver convincing performances when they memorize what they are to say and how. Once they are off script, however, they reveal how much they need a script, and how unsuited they are for any profession that involves independent thinking and logical analysis.

To base your political beliefs upon Morrisey lyrics is laughable, but even so, to think that America can say nothing unless it first does such and such, and only then will you pay attention? Why even say such a mindless statement? Earth to Benedict: neither you nor Morrisey are American citizens. Therefore, you have no input on whom Americans elect. For the record, neither do Americans have any voice in whom you elect to Parliment. It would be as juvenile if say, Bruno Mars said that Britian had nothing to say to him unless they elected such and such as prime minister, and then he would listen. Isn’t it a bit old to demand that other countries fulfill our list of demands before we learn from them, or see any good in them? That is a bit grade-school, don’t you think?

By the by, Morissey is apparently a very emotionally unstable person, and by all reports, horribly narcissistic. He, like many homosexuals, is caught in a state of childlike self-worship, and thinks that the entire world revolves around himself. His political tantrums reveal the same kind of infantile demand-making. He is also powerless as far as whom is elected in a foreign country, and is no position to make demands.

Second, when you see what America has created in its short lifespan, it is amazing to see that she has done so without being politically correct. In other words, America succeeded because her peoples were able to know what would work, and did it. None of this involved political correctness. Morissey evinces a childish desire to see America less successful so that he can feel better about himself. I wonder if so many other Brits and other people are secretly envious of America and so desire to debase others so that they can feel elevated by comparison. That too is a futile, juvenile kind of thinking that stems from a lack of self-confidence and blaming your problems on things outside of yourself — people, environments, countries, and so forth. Until you take responsibility for yourself you will always blame others for what they have done to you and you will generate silly statements like Cumberbach/Morrisey.

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