Homosexual Ilk

This past October, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, decided to bore the world by revealing his homosexuality. If there is anything more dull than being introduced to a stranger’s sexual proclivities, it is the mindless attention given to such. Consider the whole phenomenon of “coming out”. Does it not first assume that someone is there to hear such a vitally important pronouncement? If a man comes out in the woods and nobody is present, is he still gay? More seriously, if being homosexual is morally acceptable, then why the desire to announce it to the world? Coming out, as a psuedo-religious ceremony, is an outlet for the shallow and vain to seek attention for themselves. In Cook’s case, this is especially obvious — apparently being the CEO of Apple is not fame enough.

On a deeper level, the coming out ceremony is undeniably futile, a last ironic cry for help; in it, the homosexual tries to win an acceptance that will never come. He is declaring his penile allegiance before a world that does not care and does not change in response; physical laws still declare homosexual offspring impossible. Cultural norms exclude them from the ancient paths of masculinity and femininity; they will always be the needless martyr. Their lives endure, filled with the unnecessary drama, suffering, and pain because of undefeatable truths and their opposition.

In Cook, I see yet another who wants to be accepted for making foolish decisions, who looks for love in unfruitful places, and whom, unwittingly, demonstrates how much the computing world has come to suck. Apple, Inc. publicly endorses homosexuality and that is accepted by the culture, but Mozilla cannot have a CEO who privately opposes homosexuality. Cook’s silence on that disaster speaks much about his character as well. Vive le tolerance!

I have begun to suspect homosexuals of being incorrigibly selfish, as they forever discuss their own lifestyle choices without any concern whether anyone else cares to hear about it. They clamor for respect but do not respect the people of whom they demand it. They are threatening children who alternately bat eyes and breathe murder to get their way, who want either acceptance from the bored and the opposed or streets littered with dead enemies, just like every other childish totalitarian group, from environmentalism (“man is a disease”) to feminism (“men are a disease”).

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