Media Bias Proven

If the myth of media bias is one of the pillars of liberalism, then today, at long last, the pillar has crumbled into dust. Dana, at Patterico’s Pontifications explains. In short, the Washington Post created 40+ articles about Palin’s email trove, yet can’t be bothered to create one article over six Gruber videos. Emails take time to read, and 400+ take some time indeed. Watching six short videos takes no time at all by comparison. Both of these are news, and Gruber’s videos are actually far more newsworthy than Palin’s emails; at the time, she was a candidate for vice-president and the emails were during her days as Alaska’s governor. Gruber’s videos discuss the very law he consulted on and helped write which affected (not potentially affected in being a candidate for office) every single American. Yet the WaPo cannot bring itself to author one article. What reason does it have to say nothing? It is now ignoring nation-affecting events. I think I know its reason.

Media bias, proven.

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