Gwen Graham, Queen of Nothingness

I have officially had enough of the blathering ball of inanity that is Gwen Graham, Democrat challenger for FL-2. Although I had decided that Steve Southerland would be the better choice a while back, I had also expected that this race would be ignored by the DNC machine. Was I ever wrong. I have been deluged with Graham ads on TV (HGTV of all places!), and in the mailbox. I have no home phone, so at least I have been spared that. Now all of this is borderline annoying, but what pushed the annoyance into warp drive was the campaign flyer I tossed out today. I wish I had saved it.

On this campaign flyer, Gwen Graham makes a huge deal about Southerland holding a get-together for men to strategize about politics. It must have been a contributor thing, because while I am on Southerland’s email list, I haven’t contributed. (A poor rating from Freedomworks has consequences.) Anyhow, she spins this into some anti-female broadside, virtually convicting him and hanging him for sexism. And that, right there, is why I am not a Democrat. Democrats take things that are innocent and try to make everyone think that those things are horrid and rancid. That is why Democrats (i.e. liberals because there are no more moderates or conservatives left in the party) attack men, attack the family, promote abortion, disfavor their own country, and turn everything upside down. It sickens me and belies the fact that they are basically perverse.

Not only is Gwen Graham a perverse person, but she is always vague and worse, schoolmarmish. Her early ads talked incessantly about being an independent voice and how things weren’t “the North Florida way.” Geesh, can you seeing the wagging finger? I sure can. My wife and I have asked, “So, Gwen, what IS the North Florida way?” Graham has no idea, as she’s spent her time being a DC lobbyist and returns to Florida now to capitalize on her father’s name. So, spare me your lectures on the North Florida way. And independent? What, you mean she won’t caucus with the Democrats in the House? Stop. We’re not stupid. She has never renounced Obamacare, but in yet another ad, declares that both the Democrats and the Republicans got it wrong. Hello, Gwen? Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote in both the House and the Senate, so how do the Republicans have anything to do with it? Obamacare is your party’s albatross. Go wear it. She has not taken any position that I can tell — and I must have seen all her TV ads — ten times apiece. I’ve seen most of her campaign flyers, too. So what does she stand for? Nobody really knows, so I dub thee the Queen of Nothingness. Telling me how bad Steve is, distorting his record, taking innocent things and trying to make him look like a monster, is typical Democrat chicanery, and not effective or persuasive.

So to sum up, Southerland for FL-2 and Gwen Graham, claim your plastic tiara in aisle four.

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