Wendy Davis, Willing to Stand For What’s Right

Sometimes the inanity of the mainstream press is so egregious that it must be commented upon; the title of this post comes from a post about Wendy Davis here. The quote comes from bloviating moron Jordan Roth, who said, “If only we had more leaders like Wendy Davis, willing to stand for what’s right, [we] might just get somewhere.” Wendy Davis, or Abortion Barbie, has staked her entire career upon the moment where she filibustered the Texas Senate bill to end abortion after 20 weeks. I am almost ill at ease to have to type the words “what’s right” as being an equivalent to “abortion”. Fortunately, that is Jordan Roth’s idiocy and not my own.

I am interested in the thought processes of a man (assuming it is this Jordan Roth) who breezily declares that defending abortion after 20 weeks is “what’s right”. Now it seems impossible for the man to achieve all he has in business and be stupid, so I doubt that is the case here. Perhaps it is a matter of social stupidity, or situation-specific stupidity, though. Remember how popular people would gather together in high school and say meaningless things and then laugh about it? Maybe news shows are just another gathering of the fashionable and powerful to say things that don’t matter and laugh about it, meaning none of it. For they know that in these impromptu gatherings, no-one will challenge them; no-one will ask them to make sense; they can say anything (and are conscious of that fact), but whatever they say will be based upon little familiarity with the subject, and festooned with tittering idiocies, so that their vapid hosts will laugh along with them. This is not news; this is play time; this is cocktail hour for the glitterati. How they live their lives never comes up, because that’s personal, or rude. Their friends don’t question them, and what they do is not the issue. What other people should do is the issue, if there is any point at all.

Perhaps that is why people who otherwise are competent and even canny in other areas of life, become empty shells on the sets of news shows. What shines through their intellectual dilettantism, is the not unsubtle message of, “This is what YOU should do, Mr. and Mrs. America, not what I do or what I should do. You should abort your children and act like a child so that we can take care of things for you. After all, you’re too dumb to handle them yourselves.”

The one constant in establishment liberalism is elitism.

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