Sexual Harassment and the Long Pall of Feminism

The Other McCain brings up a good point here, namely that sexual harassment laws were begun by feminists who wanted to end all romantic contact between men and women. Women in the workplace became their trojan horse. Once women worked alongside men in significant numbers, men would be punished and persecuted for showing any romantic interest. This would clog up the gears of business with legal fees, sexual harassment awareness classes, and so forth. Thus, businesses would slow, crumble, and generally fail slowly. This would achieve the feminists’ goals of putting an end to the hetronormative patriarchy by destroying some of its most obvious fruits — industry.

Yes, some women did suffer in frat-house style businesses, and there were some cases that did need to be prosecuted, but feminism has an interest in making the relationships between the sexes as adversarial as possible. Why? Because it views male-female romance and sexual attraction as oppressive and unnatural. The suffering women were simply tools for the man-hating feminists to create more possible partners for themselves, and to destroy the whole capitalist, Christian, American system in addition.

People read or watch the office antics of the ’60’s with horror, but those of us alive now can only wonder about those tales of the old world, back before men and women were divided and told to hate one another. When you have a small, bitter, lying minority trying to convince the normal world that they are right and everyone else is wrong, it makes life worse for everyone else who has to live as though that polluted myopia were true, and it in no small way, fuels the engines of nostalgia. Or did you think that period pieces only appealed to women? They appeal as much to men who savor the freedom from oppressive feminism as they appeal to women, who long to express their femininity without crudity and long for when men were noble and courageous.

So, feminism actually causes people to long for times where there was no such thing as feminism. I think this says something about the human spirit and something about how badly feminists have misjudged reality. What it also says is that normality needs an intense defense. To allow the mentally unstable and spiritually ill sisters of victimology steer the ship of culture is a grave mistake and we are seeing its awful consequences.

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