The Threat of Non-governmental Power

Liberalism and its adherents are instinctively threatened by non-governmental power and those who possess it. Such power, whatever its source, indicates a person whom they cannot control. Here is someone who will not play your game, and here is someone, whom you cannot shame, bully, or mock into cooperation. Thus, such people must be destroyed. That term is not too strong, because children think in such terms when they are threatened. Children are even capable of murder, because they have not the awareness of consequence, and neither are their sensations of wrong and right fully developed. Liberals are simply children wearing adult clothes. They have the stature of adults, but they do not have the emotional maturity nor the wisdom of adults.

Thus, the calls for censorship “in the public interest”. The irony that the public has already demanded whatever it is the liberals wish to censor perpetually evades them. The concept is that only the liberal knows what is to be allowed; everyone else’s viewpoint is invalid. This elitist and censorial attitude appears wherever liberalism exists. From school lunch programs to radio shows to TV shows starring Christians, to people protesting in the streets, to people protesting on Capitol Hill, the dismal refrain remains the same: Shut Up — Only My Words Count. This shows that liberals have not a single bone of tolerance in their bodies; tolerance allows others the right to hold divergent views and the right to behave differently. For instance, liberals refuse to allow people to criticize homosexuality or Islam. However, they have no problem persecuting people for holding non-liberal political views. Liberals cannot be tolerant, because to be tolerant implies something greater than the political exists, that there are “many acceptable political views”, like they are fond of saying “many ways to God”. You do not hear the former ever said, because again, politics is the absolute, and everything else, even theology, has been made relative to it.

Therefore, people who do not hold their views of the subordination of God to political power and control, are reviled, and reviled because they are feared. Consider public enemy #1 — Christianity. Its adherents believe in a God who cared more than government could ever care for people; He was and is both personal and omnipotent. He defeated even death itself, and those who follow him are also so confident in him that they too would rather die than to worship a state religion. Even Protestants would rather die than submit to Catholicism. What can the liberal do with such poopy people who refuse to play his game? Even killing them is not enough, because strangely, murdering them makes him feel poorly and does not stop people from believing in Christ.

All of these facts do not drive away the insatiable need for power and the subordination of everything else to it, for the liberal fundamentally is seeking to fill the place in his soul where God should be, with something lesser. Thus, all of the thin-skinned emotionalism, the censorial attitudes, the lack of tolerance, and the desire for murder. Nothing can be allowed to reveal the fact that they are broken and hurting individuals, and they would rather create mass graves than admit failure or imperfection.

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