What Happens In Colombia…

…matters. Here’s why. Human Events lays the groundwork, and National Journal adds a little bit more insight.

However, both of them miss the fundamental point — the administration purposefully does immoral things or permits them, and then lies about doing so, with the goal of making it safe for its favored sons to do whatever they want without punishment. The same pattern reveals itself in the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious. The undergirding issue is moral; the effect is an administration that behaves as though it were above the law.

The American system of justice and law still presumes morality as a check upon evil, but what happens when the people are so morally stunted that they elect evil men? These men can run roughshod over the very people that elected them and everyone else at will. So yes, Red State can say that it’s not the crime (a la Nixon’s Watergate) that is the problem, it’s the coverup, but I say this — the problem is that those in charge first thought nothing of committing the sin. Not all sins are crimes of course, but eventually choosing to do the wrong thing leads to the breaking of laws. It is not even the coverup, but the immoral nature of administration officials who have a moral stupor. Some will blame the voters for electing Obama, but they could not have elected him, if he did not exist. Obama, as the commander in chief, is responsible for what happens on his watch, and so it is fundamentally his own moral stupor that reveals itself in the Columbia incident, and generally in foolish decisions, crimes, and treason.

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