People Go Where They Are Wanted

People go where they are wanted. Likewise, money and business. How do you know if a business is wanted? The environment is conducive to business, which means an environment of low impedance. If you want to have businesses in your country, you remove regulations, lower or eliminate taxes, and have a populace that is willing to work.

What stuns me is why people act so surprised when companies move their headquarters to countries that welcome them. Why wouldn’t they do this? But some people insist that companies (which are merely collections of individuals arranged in a certain structure by their own choosing) should follow rules or behave in ways that individual humans do not. That is an illogical demand and is shown to be silly by the following: would you move to a place that welcomed you, or would you prefer to stay where you were if it was worse? Why do people move south? Shouldn’t they just stay and bear the cold even though they could move? Why do people move to low-tax states? Shouldn’t they just gratefully stay in New York, California, and elsewhere, just because they can? The underlying command here is a perverse “Thou shalt not improve thy life.”

This demand is silly, because no human being voluntarily gives up control or possessions when by simply relocating, he can keep and grow both — as long as he is aware of this possibility. Many people are not aware of the possibility or think that the pain of change is simply too much. Here’s the difference — businesses are constantly aware of the cost of doing business, and how they could save or grow if they moved elsewhere or developed different products; I am convinced that many people are simply envious of the success of companies. These companies do what they have not done as single individuals and they are jealous; they are the kind of people who resent the success of others because success makes them feel inferior. The answer to this problem however, is not to punish the successful, but rather for the unsuccessful to gain self-confidence and to become non-envious, non-jealous, people content with themselves, and unwilling to blame their failures upon the outside world. So businesses are not usually the problem (although any group of individuals can do evil things), but the people who interfere with them usually are, because the same people who interfere with businesses are the same who do not trust individuals and interfere with their lives as well, in a governmental capacity. And they interfere with other people and other businesses because they long to control; anyone who wants to live free of control is their enemy.

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