The news is probably at its most pathetic state that I have ever seen. When journalists are not busy reporting celebrity twaddle, they are colluding with bad actors to create liberal narratives. However, while creating the news is not new, it seems to be yet rare. What is more commonplace is a dearth of analysis — a shallow, breezy, mindless reporting of events without context and without understanding. Often when a report is written, it says nothing but the most banal and templated statements, contrasting things at a third-grade level, and wanders emasculated through the event, never daring enough to provide authenticity or effects. The haze in which most journalists write especially prevents them from seeing more than a week into the future or into the past, and the preference for reporting what someone said, as opposed to what someone did, is yet another flaw. Sadly typical of such empty reporting is this article.

The long-term effect is a lack of understanding among the populace. People end up not understanding why events occur; all they can do is look shocked at the sky as the news demigods breathlessly report the latest. This mindlessness serves the Facebook age where the majority of the people have been trained to only process sound bytes of information and are divorced from any deeper moorings and thus a need to understand. It also suits the reporters, when they cannot construct fanciful or emotional liberal narratives, at least they break the scoop a few seconds before the other guy. But most of all, it suits the reporters’ needs for an audience that is always on the hook, for a mass of news junkies awaiting their next fix. Note the power difference there? Reporters are not satisfied with informing — they want to control the narrative so that they can control what people think so that they can control people so that reality can be what they wish it to be.

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