Illegal Favortism

People who want more illegal immigration are not altruists. They are basically anti-poor. The jobs and the opportunities that America’s poor and less well off have will be consumed by illegals, who will be treated as the favored special interest group d’joure. Is this just? Is this fair? Is this right? No to all, because the illegals did not have to come here, and America does not have an infinite capacity to absorb people from every trouble spot in the world. If we know anything from history, it is that troubles never cease. There will always be wars and therefore, displaced peoples.

We need to ask three things — is another country better poised to help, why have their own countries failed them, and what is in the best interests of America? Why can’t say, Germany, or Australia absorb people? And should the West always be the caretaker of the world? Why can’t the Islamic world or Africa or Central America care for their own people? Once you start asking these questions, you reveal the attitudes and assumptions that undergird the philosophy that America or the West can and should take all immigrants.

The citizens of nations are the responsibility of the host nation first, so why do we keep rewarding them for sending their citizens to our shores? Reward comes in two flavors, herein — first, accepting their citizens, and second, foreign aid. We are paying them to export their problems, not to solve them; and then we pay again by having to deal with their problems inside our own country. Why do they care so little for their own citizens? Could illegal immigration merely be a way for other states to exile disfavored people, for whatever rationale they might offer? In Mexico, this is most assuredly the case.

Furthermore, America had to do things ourselves as a young country. Therefore, we should expect the same from other countries — to handle their own problems as we have to handle our own, because we cannot and were never designed to be take in the overflow from every country in the world. No one country could do such a supermassive job, not even the world’s remaining superpower.

Therein lies the rub. Illegal immigration supporters do not treat other nations as equals, because they think of these nations as unable to care of themselves (progressivism in all its elitist and paternalistic ugliness). The other possibility, that the illegal immigration supporters despise America and want to import insurgents to fray and eventually topple her is much worse, yet that is the strategy of groups like La Raza. The two rationales blend in a progressive politician’s desire for power. Such politicians seek to import hordes of new quasi-slaves and reward them, using their votes to guarantee themselves office for life.

This is not only short-sighted, but it is also treasonous. Not that matters much to some; this is a new sort of slavery with the illegal forever dependent on the government, indebted to the politician who let them in and whom showers them with benefits. Meanwhile, they overtax the health system, drive down wages, and impel the country’s collapse from the bottom. The politician can then use such behavior to call for more government spending to resolve a problem that he or she created.

And where are the poor and the lower economic classes in all this? Tossed aside so that those who do not even live here can benefit. To call this behavior treasonous is no overstatement.

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