A Frustrated Hollywood

Despite Hollywood’s best efforts, attention to their products is never unflagging and their audience requires constant pinging (sending “are you there?” signals). Unfortunately, people are still marrying people who are not Hollywood stars. People still date people who are not TV actors, and people still choose unattached people for their romantic interests. The entertainment industry has been a crashing failure when it comes to permanently winning the affection of the populace, and so it changes out its idols for newer and different ones every few years. This is a brutal experience for the idols of yesterday, who receive fewer and less desirable roles, and it is a very frustrating one for the filmmakers and TV producers, because they are forever having to chase the audience, to beg for their attention, to wrest them away from other interests, notably the audience’s own husbands and wives. Clearly, this threat to Hollywood domination must be removed.

Thus, Hollywood is almost always liberal, because to be liberal means to erode Christianity and its intolerable concepts of fidelity in marriage (how can Hollywood profit if people are faithful to their partners and not always salivating after the latest starlet or hunk?). Thus, their desire to relativize and destroy marriage by making it essentially meaningless. Thus, their desire to wrest away parental authority, because if they can, they can have customers/addicts for life; thus the support of sexual behavior that leads to a lack of commitment, so that the audience will always be emotionally needy and desirous of their offerings. In computing parlance, Hollywood is tired of the distribution model; what they want is a SASS model where you their audience perpetually contributes attention (and thus money, allegiance, and worship).

It is a sick, sick confluence, but one that is easily seen, once you examine who wants what, who loses and who benefits, and where the money goes. Hollywood rails against organized religion because Hollywood is a competing religion, with their awards, immortalized heroes/saints in the Walk of Fame, always available titillation and fantasies sold for the cheap. Hollywood is everything that the temple of Venus could have been if the Greeks had only developed a mass media.

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