Glorious Noninvolvement

Reading in various places about the life and times of a Raven’s football player (most recently here), I am astounded anew by the energy and smallness of the American busybody media. What I do not see is much tolerance. Tolerance is a behavior that some love to laud, yet very rarely utilize, especially when there are political enemies to be destroyed or juicy gossip to pass around. I think I have had my fill of reading about Ray Rice and Jayna Rice, and I say this not because I bear them any personal ill will. I say that because I am ready to release my knowledge of them into the great stream of Lethe; I am ready to forget, and in forgetting, I am ready to say, “Be at peace with one another and work out your issues far from the altering light of media scrutiny.” Why can’t the media leave the man and his wife alone? Why must he be the bad guy, and she be the victim? Tired feminist scripts aside, don’t we know by now that reality is far more complex? People bristle in interviews and refuse to give them because they do not want to be shaped by the agenda-driven newsmen. I understand this now more than ever. Leave the man alone. Leave the woman alone. Go find some twisters to chase, newshounds, or better yet, try investigating just one of Obama’s scandals. Be someone, please. I will begin by basking in a sense of glorious noninvolvement and emptying my mind of these small concerns. I encourage all blogs of consequence to do the same.

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