Immaturity as Political Theater

Someone has pointed out the obnoxious and self-centered behavior exhibited by abortion supporters at pro-life rallies and protests — holding up of signs that have nothing to do with the event. Some people find this witty, snarky, or somehow hip; however, it actually demonstrates an avoidance of the issue. The sign-holders do not engage with the reality that is literally right before their eyes. It could be that suffer from psychosocial disorders and so cannot engage well with reality, or that they or their movement characteristically do not engage with reality. At all times, they do clamor for attention. That is the sad nature underpinning such “look at me” protests.

The left has shown that it cannot bring itself to bear to analyze the issues at hand, and so resorts to childish pranks; all it has is immaturity as political theater. Such actions do not make a point, but strive to eliminate the debate by mocking the questions. I can think of no more selfish position, as it does not admit the possibility of a contrasting opinion. But we should expect no less of an evil flower from the soil of the left’s authoritarian and censorious tendencies; the only answer they provide is a childish retreat into their own world of elitist, cool kid mockery, and that not only admits defeat, but then churlishly declares the debate itself nonexistent! This is authoritarian slacktivism. These activists have already ceded the field; what they want is for everyone to go home and get on their consoles and post viral videos of cute things, instead of interfacing with the real world.

Perhaps the real world is simply too much for these new leftists. Perhaps the backwash of electing a president so obsessed with himself has drained all their desire for issues, and this is the last wasted “meh” that they can offer. For people who have willingly given up self-defense, national defense, national borders, the idea of reward for labor, and control over their own health, what remains for them? I see a future of people willingly cocooned, accepting everything they are fed and told, future babies, drooling over their drug drips and consoles, immobilized in their beds and dens. And when they die and the body decays, who will bury the remains but strangers, paid by the all-powerful state?

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