Patriotic Duty

Normally an emotion-driven movement, liberalism recognizes patriotism primarily in actions that keep the government functioning on a day-to-day basis. It does not wax poetic about history except to condemn dead heroes, nor does it appreciate freedom of religion; it places self-defense out of reach of the common man, and rather than independence, it stresses dependence at every turn. Emotions have been amputated herein except when discussing free men surrendering their money to government, i.e. taxes. Like a perverted preacher who has long ago sold his faith for filthy lucre, liberals shame those who question tax rates, and sing for joy at the pleasure of others (not themselves) surrendering monies to government. They even term doing so a “patriotic duty”, a phrase one usually associates with signing up for the military or performing some other act either noble or particularly demanding. The irony of the US forming due in large part to a tax protest escapes them. Celebrating the forcible removal of the wage from he who earned it does violence to freedom itself, but it comports perfectly with the authoritarian and dependency thinking of the left.

However, the situation grows odder still when American companies decide to relocate to stave off taxes that impinge their ability to prosper (in tax parlance, an inversion). Then the emotion bursts forth in rancid accusations of treason. Treason? A company freely relocating its headquarters somewhere else guilty of fundamentally undermining America? This, from a political movement that swoons over jihadis with schoolgirl ardor, never noticed anything improper with the Soviet Union, and wears Che Guvara t-shirts? They see nothing treasonous in any of those behaviors or mindsets, but charge moving a company to someplace economically freer than America with the most serious accusation possible. In this, liberals demonstrate themselves completely uninterested in the freedoms of the business owner, the profits of the shareholders, and the sustainability of the business; they care only that the government will have less income, and so they fumble around for a word grenade that they think will compel their enemies. Only like little children, they do not know what the word means, and they use it in senseless ways. It is not Burger King’s “patriotic duty” to pay taxes that undermine their ability to prosper, any more than it is a citizen’s duty to accept government overreach. Apparently submission to authority is prime — blind faith, unhesitating devotion, robotic obedience — as long as the left is in power; once they are out of power, then the slogan “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” returns.

America should be a magnet for business as it has been historically. It should once again be the place that companies want to relocate to it would regulate them little and tax them minimally, if at all. However, people emigrate to nations that benefit them, not to nations that do not. Neither are they required to stay if a nation no longer suits them (as in the case of actors who leave America for France, for example). People are not loyal to an idea when its realization siphons off their livelihood. People moved to America because America did certain things and did not do others; that is, they had reasons because of the reality of America, not because America had a brilliant PR plan disguising yet another European tyranny. Now people and businesses emigrate from  America for the very same reasons that they both once emigrated to America.

This behavior enrages the left (who when not in power cheer at America losing business or stature); they hyperventilate at the prospect of money and control evading them. It seems that liberals want to invoke patriotism only to keep the supermassive federal government going, and do not care one whit about the people affected. Their behavior is identical to the elementary school child who wants friends and so decides to treat everyone nicely, but who cannot keep up the act. As he lets more and more of his true self show, his new friends stop putting up with the abuse; then he throws a tantrum. Because Burger King has in some way given them less money to spend and fewer people to control, they are now traitors.

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