Parenting and Crime

On the events in Ferguson, MO: when Sarah Palin’s children did objectionable things, or were rumored to do so, catcalls went up immediately from the American left. Sarah Palin is a bad mother! If she was a better parent (i.e. staying at home and not preventing us from implementing liberalism), then her children wouldn’t turn out this way! Of course such claims are risible, as anyone with children, or anyone who has friends with children, or anyone who has read about children, or anyone who has been a child, knows. However, in the occurrence of criminal events, public opinion rarely questions the character of the parents. How long did it take for the media mist to dissipate before that was asked about the Columbine shooters? And when the result is a dead black 18-year old male, how many ask about the quality of his parents? Why does upbringing suddenly have nothing to do with the event?

I believe that to ask this question reveals a massive failure in the liberal worldview and lays bare its faulty assumptions about the world. First, to ask this places whites and blacks on a equal plane of responsibility. It also assumes that blacks can raise their children. It also demands answers from individuals, not groups or organizations.

Second, to ask this question reveals that liberalism doesn’t work well for blacks — that is, it excuses bad behavior instead of holding them responsible, and has abandoned the inner city, leaving it overrun with criminality. Many inner cities suffer from a lack of policing, while their citizens have been disarmed by anti-gun laws, so that the inhabitants (mostly blacks) either become animals or die; both are what liberals think of or desire for blacks.

Third, asking the question summons up the usual solutions which look remarkably weak when backlit by death — more government programs. Would government programs have helped two derelict parents prevent their child’s slide into the gangster mindset that led to his death? At some level, liberals realize that such solutions do not work, despite all appeals to the occasional soul (at the price tag of millions of dollars) that Head Start rescued. So, when preventing the deaths of black males through proper parenting and avoiding destructive lifestyles, liberals are know-nothings. Bring on the outraged parents! Bring on the media tours! Send in the attorney general! Chant and protest and if needed, break and steal things. Anything and everything must be done to prevent self-examination, because that could lead to emancipation from the life-sapping and infantilizing worldview of liberalism.

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