Razon D’etre

I had come to a realization of late: Facebook is not good for all types of information sharing. Of course, it will physically share the long-stemmed winding ideas, but only if people can submit to the lack of formatting and a compressed single vertical column. No, some thoughts need air, room to breathe, soil; a blog is for these longer, deeper thoughts — ruminations. I have blogged previously, but I am wiser now. Now I resolve to not allow any schedule ruin me; now I will resist the urge to comment upon the latest happenings as they happen; now I will place the square block in the square box.

For me, a blog is the perfect vehicle for longer thoughts, for essays, for deeper analysis. Such cannot thrive on a phone, or on Facebook, and a blog allows just enough sunlight from the outside to stimulate ideas. I have no illusions about fame nor fortune, now, and my peace of mind is quite important. So I will not be bothering with fools nor trolls; idiotic comments likewise will be immediately removed. Simply, there is no time for playing with larvae — be adult or do not comment. Disagree if you wish, but be civil. This is a garden of mind and spirit, not an overnight truck stop with a Waffle House.

With that said, I look forward to the depths.

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